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A unit for deliciousness depends on his/ her experience.

A man tastes with his brain. I studied it with the book written by Mr. Romela, owner of L' Esguard, and Prof. Toru Fushiki, and it is becoming the core part of my cuisine.
The palate like “sweet” , “hot” and “sour” is the sense felt by the tongue. However, there is no sense of deliciousness there. We can enjoy deliciousness once when we integrate the taste felt by tongue with brain. We can feel with the brain, in other words, we taste through the various senses gathered to the brain and sleeping experiences and information.
The power of the new bud out from the snow in early spring and refreshing breeze on a summer day, and curiosity in our childhood...
Not only the sense felt by the tongue but all the surroundings such as the things we can see, smell and feel in the unit of measurement of deliciousness.

Mr Romela : Miguel Sanchez Romela
Prof. Toru Fushiki : Prof. Toru Fushiki,Graduate School of Agriculture,Kyoto University.

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