HAMO <Pike Conger> Fig Gazpacho
TAI <Sea bream> and Caviar

KEGANI <Horsehair Crab> and Green Soybeans

Bread with Air Bubbles of Corn
Truffle Ice Cream  Soft-shelled Turtle Soup
AYU <Sweet fish> Rocket Sauce

Zucchini Flower and Lemon Spaghettoni
AWABI <Abalone> Eggplant
Whole Wheat Fresh WASABI Pasta
8 Week Aged TAJIMA Beef  Pimientos de Padron
Apricot Soup

Peach Tree Bud of Japanese Pepper
Vanilla Shaved Ice
Strawberry and Blueberry



※10% of the service charge will be separately added to the bill.
※The menu may vary according to the season, please understand this.

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