SUJIKO <Salted Salmon roe> Flan
Bread with Air Bubbles of Chestnut 
TAI <Sea bream> and Fennel
WATARIGANI <Japanese Blue crab> and Brown Soybeans 
BOTANEBI <Botan shrimp> Chrysanthemum Flower Sauce
AYU <Sweet fish with roe> Japanese Citrus HEBESU

Grilled Eggplant Spaghetoini

NODOGURO <Rosy seabass> Brown Rice Porcini

Lamb  MANGANJI red pepper
Warm Jelly Tea and Cuba libre

Black Fig and Mint Granite

Tarte Tatin
Chestnut Pudding Rum Flavored Coffee Jelly 


※Dinner course price will be 34,200 yen (tax included) in December. 
※10% of the service charge will be separately added to the bill.
※The menu may vary according to the season, please understand this.

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