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藤原哲也/Tetsuya FUJIWARA

Born in April 1st 1974 in Osaka.
He was born to be a chef as he was inspired by his other family members who had also been chefs through four generations.
After studying French cuisine / sweets at a vocational college and working at a hotel, he went to Italy to continue his study and had more experience at italy, when he was 24 years old. When visiting Spain during his study, he was enlightened by an advanced modern Spanish cuisine and decided to go to Spain. He had more experience there at a famous restaurant called ‘L'Esguard’ which is known for a famous chef who was a current neurosurgeon at the same time.
In 2003, after coming back home, he took over the restaurant from a member of his family and renewed it as "Fujiya1935".

藤原哲也 Tetsuya FUJIWARA

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