1st. Generation

Dating back from now to 1935 four generations ago.
Fukumatsu Fujiwara who was the great grandfather of the present chef opened the dining hall on the side as he was running a rice merchant business. This was the beginning of ‘Fujiya’.
The dining hall in those days was called "Gorohachiya" and it was used by a lot of customers as a local dining hall.
The specialty in those days was a "stew udon (wheat noodle)" which was only available at two places in Osaka.
Osaka’s representative dish: This dish on the menu, which added a friendly element of Western style to udon (wheat noodle), was loved by a lot of people. The dining hall was very busy every day and the large caldron was emptied three times a day.


2nd. Generation

The grandfather who took over the dining hall next, Masami, was an unusual person who had a great language skill and became a chef after living in Dalian.
After coming back home, he opened a Japanese restaurant “Gorohachi-azumaya” because he realized how great Japanese food was while living overseas.

By making use of distance he started a home delivery and box lunch service for events and it was quite successful. He received a lot of orders. The restaurant became a place where all the local people would get together.
Also, in 1957, the trade name was changed to "Fujiya" which is the same as it is today.


3rd. Generation

The father, who had great success working at the Western food section of the Hotel Hanshin, Kazuya started his own restaurant "Fujiya-minami".

It became very popular as a restaurant where you could casually enjoy authentic Western dishes, and was very successful.
In1993, he took over the main restaurant as the third owner.


4th. Generation

He successfully ran the long-established restaurant for more than 70 years and had a lot of customers. Some of them, saw the information about the restaurant on television or in a magazine and so on, came a long distance.
However Kazuya retired after Tetsuya Fujiwara (who is the present owner chef) returned home from overseas.
"Yoshoku Restaurant Fujiya" was renewed by Tetsuya and his wife to the “Fujiya1935”.

Kazuya reopened "Yoshoku Restaurant Fujiya" because many people wanted the restaurant to reopen even after his retirement. "Yoshoku Restaurant Fujiya" which keept the original taste of the long-established restaurant and “Fujiya1935” that is new and provides a unique sense of the world view - both of these different restaurants are supported by many customers who visit them regularly.

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